Springsteen et Sophocle..

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Springsteen et Sophocle..

Message  Fabrice le Mer 5 Oct 2011 - 2:31

Surprenante rencontre.. Ca a l'air intéressant - il y a effectivement une dimension tragique dans certaines chansons de Springsteen. Ici le choix est bien vu.

The River provides soundtrack for Greek tragedy in Chicago
Songs from The River set the mood for a current theater production in Chicago. (What could be a better combination than Sophocles with "Wreck on the Highway" and "Point Blank"?) Sophocles: Seven Sicknesses presents the playwright's seven surviving plays adapted by one of Chicago's most inventive theater directors — Sean Graney of The Hypocrites, a small but feisty company. I'm told that Graney was listening to songs about murders to accompany gory stories such as Oedipus, Elektra and Antigone and some lesser known plays such as Philoktetes and Ajax. He found the soundtrack he needed in The River album and chose about ten songs, which he excerpted, and in some cases revised the lyrics.

Cast members sang parts of the songs with minimal musical accompaniment: Elektra sang "Sherri Darling" in a muddy mad scene as she waited for her long-lost brother Orestes to return; Creon sang "The Ties That Bind" during a particularly dysfunctional family scene. Blood and gore were everywhere, but fortunately the plays were set in a contemporary hospital emergency room, so nurses and mops were on hand. Other songs performed in part were "Wreck on the Highway," "Stolen Car," "Fade Away," "The Price You Pay," "Drive All Night," "The River," "Two Hearts," and, to accompany gunfire, "Point Blank."

The seven plays were adapted to 20-30 minutes each, and the experience is close to four hours in all, including a dinner break with meal provided. But time flies! Finally, at the end and after enthusiastic audience applause, I was happy to hear the Springsteen cut of "Two Hearts" over the theater's sound system. It may sound odd, but the music really worked as illustrative of the human condition. And both Sophocles and Springsteen have something to tell us today. Sophocles: Seven Sicknesses runs until October 23 at the Chopin Theatre building in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.

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