Encore une liste ! Top 10 des paroles qu'y faut être ricain pour les capter

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Encore une liste ! Top 10 des paroles qu'y faut être ricain pour les capter

Message  Roadrunner le Mar 19 Juil 2011 - 11:53

Nouveau devoir de vacances : trouver une explication (en français) qui tienne la route pour chacune de ces lignes. Smile

How does one cut loose like a deuce, exactly?

Mon, 18/07/2011 - 15:04 by The Lister
Bruce Springsteen, AKA "The Boss" (which is coincidentally the name we've given to our penis) is one of America's greatest songwriters. We just don't always know what he's going on about. Probably something to do with trucks.

So here's a selection of Bruuuuuce song lines that Google Translate failed to interpret...

1. "I got a 69 Chevy with a 396, fuelie heads and a Hurst on the floor" (Racing in the Street)

2. “Cut loose like a deuce, another runner in the night” (Blinded By The Light)

3. “I’ve been a shine boy for your acid brat and wharf rat of your state” (Mary Queen of Arkansas)

4. "He could throw that speedball by you, make you look like a fool boy" (Glory Days)

5. “He’s gunnin’ that bitch loaded to blastin’ point” (Lost in the Flood)

6. “We’ve got rock n roll music blasting off the T-top” (Darlington County)

7. "I walked into a Tenth Avenue freeze-out" (Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out)

8. “She’s a hot stepping hemi” (Ramrod)

9. "Sweat sock pimps" (Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street?)

10. “Well they blew up the chicken man in Philly last night” (Atlantic City)


Indices :
- pour le 4, toute la presse en parle (Googueule est ton ami, mon ami ! Wink )
- pour le 10 : c'est une histoire criminelle réelle (true crime) dont on a beaucoup parlé à la sortie de l'album.

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